Category of products

Uses and applications


Materials for the manufacture of labels, key chains, zipper pulls, bracelets, serigraphy, field hockey balls, dolls, different types of molded shapes, dipping of tools and other metal products, mottled gloves, carpets, rotomolding, rotational molding products, coating of metal parts, stop lock hooks, decorative products and other uses.

Hot melt Adhesives

Close packaging, frozen products boxes and security envelopes, headlights sealing, seal cable, pre-assembly join, packaging and boxes strips, gluing of fabrics, footwear, different types of molded shapes, to catch insects and rats, double glazing and other uses.


Seal synthetic lawns turf, tiles bonding, rubber pavement, packaging and boxes strips, different types of molded shapes, sealing of metal roof sheets, electrical and phone cord splices, anti-theft adhesive and other uses.

Mastic and extruded rubber

Protection of electrical and phone junction, sealing of metal sheets,  sealing of joints and profiles, soundproof parts, vibration isolation parts, sealing of pipes, seal of white goods metal sheets, vacuum process and other uses.

Special Adhesives

Headlights sealing, led lamps/beacon, pre-assembly join, gluing of fabric, seal cable, footwear, different types of molded shapes, contact glue for spray gun, carpets and other uses.


Tapes and patches use for closing and repairing silo bags, they are also use to join and repair silo blankets which are essential for the construction of water reservoir, irrigation channels, pools for fish farming plastic roofs and other uses.

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Industrial Developments

Our technical department works every day close with our clients and potential clients in look for the development of products that satisfy their needs.

Our policy of constant technological innovation, counting on highly qualified professionals with wide experience in adhesives, plastisol and sealants, as well as the most modern research media, allows us to develop different bunch of products to satisfy our clients and future market needs.

Rivamar provides adhesives and sealants to packaging, footwear, shipbuilding, leather goods, construction of trains and bodywork industries with the highest level of quality and the most effective technical assistance.

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Our company

We have been supplying the market of plastisol, sealants and polyurethanes, among other for more than 50 years. Our products are used to improve automotive, bodywork, white good, electrical, telecommunication, agro construction, textile, packaging, crafts and ventures industries of local and international markets.

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